An Invitation for You. Let’s Build a Community!

You're invited to share you sites, projects, and books.

On of the blogs I’ve been following, recently, posted an invitation for readers to: Share & Promote Their Blogs. Actually, the post published in May, but I just came across it today…

My first thought was, “This is a brilliant idea!” I spent the next hour looking through, and liking, many of the comments. I loved reading the responses which (90%) began with a sincere “thank you”, or some other expression of gratitude, towards Dr. Eric Perry for offering to share their information. What was most impressive was the sheer breadth of topics that are covered by his readers. The subject matter spanned from travel and photography to poetry and self-help.

I’m generally able to read at least 6-12 articles a week from sites I haven’t visited before. Sometimes, I go to the WordPress reader, type a phrase into the search bar, then visit whatever posts pop up first. In part, I do this to get a sense of others’ writing styles. It’s also a great way to read about topics I might not seek out. Every time I do this, I learn something new, gain insights, feel respect and admiration for my fellow bloggers, and find inspiration for my own writing.

Realizing that not all of my readers have a blog (although I suspect many do), I wanted to expand the original concept to include non-writing projects. So, without further delay…

My Invitation for You!

Dear Subscribers, Readers, and Others Who Happen Upon This Post:

What are you working on? Would you like to tell us about it? Please do!

Share your sites, books, or projects in the comments below. Then:

  • Ask each other questions
  • Make new connections
  • Follow, friend, like, review, share…

In short, let’s start building (becoming) a community.

Have a lovely rest of the day!

Kind Regards,

Chris Elle Dove

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Hi! I write books and blogs about wellness and adopting healthy living habits. My first children's picture book, Gabby Makes a Friend, is available at Amazon. I’ve been teaching sociology courses at community colleges since. Beyond work, I'm the proud mother of two beautiful, adult children. I’m a recovering perfectionist, whose hobbies include meditation, cooking, hiking, and yoga.

19 thoughts on “An Invitation for You. Let’s Build a Community!

  1. I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons ever since I was in high school, and one of my major creative outlets is planning those games. If you don’t know anything about it, each player has a character, and the Dungeon Master (or DM) develops an ongoing story that involves those characters. They have to work together to achieve some goal (slay a dragon, find a powerful lost magic item, stop an evil wizard from destroying the source of magic, etc.) …think “Lord of the Rings”. There will be small subplots along the way, but the players are always working toward that larger goal, and the DM is the person weaving the story. We take turns being the DM, but even when my turn isn’t coming up, I’m always thinking about or working on the next adventure that I’ll run.

  2. This is such a nice idea!
    I’m working on my blog which consists of bringing others to God. I also talk about other things but usually what He has done. I’m also pursuing my bachelors in Religion Christian Counseling.

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