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Dove Digital was born when another author reached out to ask if she could hire me to help her with social media. She, like many authors, was struggling to figure out how to build a following, create engagement, and effectively promote her book. Given that, just a year ago, I’d been in the same position, the struggle was fresh in my mind.

Dove Digital is the latest addition to the offerings at Chris Dove Writes
Dove Digital is the latest addition to the offerings at Chris Dove Writes

When I started writing, I opened new Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. I’d been on Facebook for a while, but had to create a page and also “clean up” the personal information on my main profile. Since then, I’ve joined LinkedIn, Tumblr, and most recently YouTube.

It can be difficult to find reliable information, especially content specific to writers, about getting started on social media. I often felt frustrated by the number of sources I found that were presenting outdated information, or that many of the sites I went to for advice offered contradictory information.

The intent of Dove Digital is to make navigating the waters of social media, for the first time, as seamless as possible.

As a consultant, my services include:

  • assessing the client’s social media, offering suggestions and tips specific to each account.
  • providing a list of “best practices” for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, including key things to do or avoid.
  • creating social media strategy checklists, outlining posting and pinning suggestions.
  • providing recommendations of sites or channels to follow, to help clients stay up to date with regard to changes in algorithms, keyword searches, and content optimization.
  • checking in, two weeks after clients starts using the checklist, to answer questions and possibly suggest a tweak or two, in order to increase marketing effectiveness.

Pin Design

I also design pins, individually, or as part of packages.

To see more, visit Chris Dove Writes on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visually-focused platform, full of products, ideas, how-tos, and tips.

Pinterest is also a search engine, where more than 300 million people look around every month for facts, product reviews, and recommendations. They also research fitness routines, family vacation destinations, recipes, fashion trends, or the latest gadgets, gizmos, and gear.

Pinterest is Unique

The focus on content over conversation on Pinterest has made it a popular place to market and promote products and information.

It’s one of the few places where small businesses, individuals, and those just starting out are able to increase visibility for their brand just as easily as, and alongside, larger entities (Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, The Travel Channel).

Since Pinterest is a search engine, pin descriptions using specific keywords will allow someone to reach an audience far larger than their following. This means that person can achieve their desired impact, with respect to reach, on day one. This contrasts the waiting and building period necessary on many (most) social media sites, prior to any form of promotion becoming effective.

There is truly room, space, and opportunity for everyone on Pinterest!

Getting Started

Setting up a Pinterest account is easy and free.

Once an account has been set up, Pinterest users begin creating boards.

People typically save existing pins to boards, either because they love the content, or they’re planning to follow the link later.

In addition to saving material found on Pinterest, you’re able to “pin” information or products found elsewhere on the web.

Finally, “fresh pins” can be designed, or redesigned, to share original material.

Services Available

Pin Design Studio Services

What will you get?

  • Pin Design for 6-10 high quality, vertical images
  • The article“12 Tips for Maximum Reach”

What can you do to ensure success?

Provide very specific information about your:

  • Product, brand, or service
  • Tastes: those things you like and prefer
  • Distastes: those things you dislike, wouldn’t want
  • Marketing objective: impressions, saves, link clicks
  • Branding: color schemes, story, values, mission

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