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Chris Dove Writes welcomes guest authors on the website. I feel it is important to develop relationships with others, who are writing about the same or similar topics. Because of this, I seek out, and embrace, opportunities for collaboration. Having guest authors is a wonderful way to promote brilliant thoughts, ideas, and insights about living, moving, and resting. By giving someone a platform to share their knowledge, I also enrich the experience of the readers of my blog, who are being exposed to other voices and perspectives. For these reasons, and many others, I’d love for you to write for us!

You should write for us if you have something to share about wellness, wellbeing, and healthy living!
You should write for us if you have something to share about wellness, wellbeing, and healthy living!

Who Should Write for Us?

High-quality content will be considered, provided it meets the following specifications:

  • The subject matter falls within the following topics: healthy lifestyle, fitness, yoga, self-care, relaxation, meditation, personal development, relationships, warning signs, passion and purpose, or digestive health.
  • The content is original and has not been published previously.
  • You are writing either a personal account, describing your own life experience, or the foundation for your post comes from reliable sources.
  • Your post must be minimally 1,200 words and doesn’t exceed 3,000 words.

Crafting an Article that Draws Attention

It’s my hope, whenever someone writes for us, that their post will receive a lot of traffic and attention. Following these tips will increase the odds of success:

  • Make sure your article is Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Solve a problem or answer a question for the reader (provide actionable information)
  • Stay focused, avoid going off on a tangent
  • Be sure the title tells the reader what to expect (don’t oversell, undersell, or beat around the bush)

What Do Search Engines Want?

To optimize your article:

  • Include a focus keyphrase in the title (this is the search term you’re hoping your post will rank for, show up in the results of)
  • Consider keyphrase density. It should appear around 5-8 times for a 1,200 word blog, 10-16 times if you’re closer to 3,000 words
  • The keyphrase should be distributed, so that it is found in headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and image captions (since I add images to contributors’ posts, I’ll add your keyphrase there for you)
  • Your post should include internal links (to other posts or pages on my site), and also external or outbound links (to popular posts from credible sources)
  • Add internal (minimally 4) and external (minimally 12) links that are relevant
  • NEVER use your keyphrase as an internal or external link
Be sure the content you submit is optimized for search engines, SEO friendly
Be sure the content you submit is optimized for search engines, SEO friendly

What to Avoid When You Write for Us

This site does not publish work that:

  • Contains profanity, nudity, or is not “family friendly”. Keep in mind that I write children’s picture books
  • Makes claims about practices, remedies, etc. that are not evidence-based, substantiated by scientific studies
  • Is taken, or adapted, from, other source/sites (beyond a one or two sentence quote)
  • Is intended to sell a product, or contains affiliate links
  • Promotes a political stance, affiliation, or religion
  • Chases trends: 90% of the content on this site is evergreen (stays relevant across seasons, and over time)

Proposal and/or Submission

First, you’ll want to make contact by sending me a proposal. Include a topic, short description, approximate length, tentative title, and an estimated timeline. If you’re given a “green light” to write it up, you’ll want to inform me of any changes to the original timeline or details.

The second step is to submit the finished article for approval. If you already have an article you’d like to submit, that has not been previously published, you could skip the topic proposal and just send it. Following submission, you’ll receive one of three responses:

  1. Your article has been accepted! I’m sending you an invitation to join my WordPress site as a contributor.
  2. Your article will be accepted, contingent on your making the following revisions…
  3. I’m unable to publish your article at this time.

The main reasons I’ve declined to publish an article are:

  • The content doesn’t line up with the values, intention, or topics of the site
  • I suspect that the article is, or is connected to, spam or scam
  • Your article was not created in line with the guidelines and suggestions specified here

Joining the Site as a Contributing Author

If you don’t already have an account with WordPress, you’ll need to create one. Because there are multiple places in WordPress where you can add a profile and biographical information, I’ll send you a link to the specific page that will appear publicly on your post. This is a page that I cannot access, modify, or view, prior to the publication of the post.

Main Bio

The box at the top of this page provides an example of how the bio will look, if someone clicks on it. Notice that the web address Elena has included in the bio doesn’t come across as a link. For promotional purposes, it’s best to add an additional bio at the bottom of the article, which does link to your website and/or social media accounts.

If readers like your article, they may want to find your site, or follow you on social media
If readers like your article, they may want to find your site, or follow you on social media

Additional Bio (optional)

You may include a more extensive, abbreviated, or duplicate of the author bio at the bottom of your post. See this example.

Your articles will receive more traffic and positive feedback if you introduce yourself to the audience. Readers would love to know who you are, your background, what you write, and why. They’ll also appreciate knowing something fun, or quirky, about you.

For maximum reach, at the bottom of the article, provide:

  • Your name (or nickname)
  • Pronouns (optional)
  • 2-8 sentences of background, etc.
  • Contact information
  • Links to your website, social media accounts
  • Links to published work (optional)

Including a Picture (optional)

I typically choose, and add, the pictures for guest posts. You may include a picture of yourself so long as it can be cropped down to a thin landscape strip (see example below) to line up with the site’s photo theme. My preference would be one that spanned the length of the page. You will not be able to upload the picture into your article draft. To have it inserted send it to me as an email attachment.

This is the minimal width your bio photo needs to be, should you write for us
This is the minimal width your bio photo needs to be, should you write for us

Uploading & What Happens After

Once you’ve uploaded your post, let me know via email or (better yet) DM on social media.

Within 48 – 72 hours (ish), I’ll confirm that I can see the post on the site. I’ll most likely ask you to double check that your bio page is filled out. My next step is to schedule an appointment with my editor. Our schedules may line up the next day, or it may take a week or two. If you haven’t worked with an editor in the past, be aware that the number of changes suggested or made could be humbling.

Changes are suggested (if they impact the content) or made (spelling, grammar, comma usage, etc.) to polish the piece, and also to improve SEO.

When Will Your Article Publish?

Currently, a post is released on my site every 7-14 days. There are normally 2-3 articles finished, slotted, and waiting to go out.

Because I try to rotate through the topics, when determining a publication date, I take into account what subjects were covered in recent posts, and will be discussed in upcoming posts.

For these, and other reasons, publication of a submission could take anywhere from two weeks, up to two months.  

Can You Publish the Article on Your Site, Also?

Although I don’t accept previously published work, I have no problem with guest authors adding the post to their own blog, after publication. Articles written for us, and republished elsewhere, must include a  “republished from”, or “originally published on” statement (at the beginning or end of the post), with a link back to the original publication.

I want the experience, when you write for us, to be as warm and fuzzy as possible
I want the experience, when you write for us, to be as warm and fuzzy as possible

Write for Us, Again

It’s taken as a compliment when a writer chooses to maintain an ongoing relationship, because it indicates that they found the experience of writing for us both pleasant and rewarding.

Submissions are accepted from one-time, periodic, and regular contributors. After we’ve completed the process, once, by publishing your first article, let me know which degree of involvement you’re most interested in. It’s actually easier to collaborate the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time, since a relationship has been developed, and realistic expectations and protocols are in place.

How are Posts Promoted?

Each article, on the site, typically has 1 or 2 Pinterest pins released for promotional purposes, every 2-4 months, or so. These pins are not released all at once. One or two will go out each week, for a few weeks to a month.

When a new pins are released, the title of an article and its feature photo are often changed, to ensure the pins are viewed as “fresh” by the Pinterest algorithm.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, it’s important to realize that promotional efforts on that site are more “slow and steady”. Someone may save a pin, but not follow its link until months later. Also, a pin may be shared and receive lots of link clicks, long after it’s originally posted. Since pins are not ever completely deleted, people may stumble upon them, even years after they were originally posted.

I actually had someone visit my site, recently, through one of the first pins I’d ever made (one I actually “deleted” a few weeks after creating it). To my surprise, and slight embarrassment (not my best work), it’s still circulating, marketing my material.

Since 46% of my blog traffic comes through Pinterest, I spend a lot of time and energy marketing there. Articles will also be promoted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, just not as heavily. 

You’re welcome, and encouraged, to provide additional promotion of the content!

I’d Love to Developing a Collaborative Relationship

All that is left is reaching out with a proposal. Just fill out this form, and begin writing for us, today!