Thanks for visiting! I hope you find the content interesting and rewarding. This page was created to articulate my intention, vision, and share a few fun facts. Along the way, it will provide a glimpse into who I am and the way my mind works.

Hi! It’s Nice to Meet You!

Rhea and I love the Constitution Trail, a walking and biking path created where there once were railroad tracks
Rhea and I love the Constitution Trail, a walking and biking path created where there once were railroad tracks

I Love Learning What Makes People Tick, Myself Included

I’ve been called a social butterfly. I love meeting new people, and I’m comfortable being surrounded by strangers. It never seems to take long to find a connection or topics to discuss with a few people, or for that matter, a large group.

I enjoy hosting gatherings, and am often the person leading group activities at events. Public speaking has always been a significant part of my professional responsibilities. I feel energized in front of an audience, whether I’m teaching sociology or social dance, telling stories, or sharing trauma-informed ways to interact with survivors.

Creating memorable experiences for others is something I find rewarding. Professionally, I’ve organized and facilitated everything from workshops and trainings to annual events and scavenger hunts. At home, I’ve overhauled my house so that thirty people could come over, dressed as superheroes, to try to solve a murder mystery I designed.

Becoming the best version of myself is a priority. To facilitate growth, discovery, and change, I engage in learning, exploration, and introspection, to some extent, nearly every day.

My Intention and Vision as a Writer

Setting an intention for a meditation session, our day, or life, keeps us motivated and focused. When I started this blog, I sat down to create a mission statement, values, and goals. But I later decided to set an intention rather than determine a mission.

I’m currently 47, which I believe means I’m in the 2nd act of my life. Midlife, for many, is a time of reflection and redefinition. If I look back at the plans I was making as I entered adulthood, where I was hoping to be at 40 or 50, it’s clear I’m nowhere near where I was expecting. And thank goodness for that!

“Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

It turns out, what I care about and want has changed significantly over time, especially since I turned 40.

Post-40, I’ve noticed that I:

  • care less about what I should do, and more about what I want to do
  • worry less about what others think of me
  • spend more time thinking about retaining health as I age
  • want to live more minimally and simply
  • have a better understanding of what I can and cannot control
  • maintain fewer, but deeper, relationships
  • am more mindful about how I spend my time and where I invest energy
  • have become content with who I am, what I have, and where I am in my life
  • accept, and support, of myself more readily
  • seek lifestyle changes to reduce, relieve, or manage illness, sickness, and other physical conditions or limitations.
  • have developed a broader understanding of wellness, success, and what constitutes a balanced life

My intention is to continue down my path toward greater health, wellness, and wellbeing, inviting others to join me, learning from the knowledge aquired and experience gained along the way.

Chris Dove Writes Logo
Chris Dove Writes logo, designed by Mara Colkett

Crossroads and Life Decisions

I truly believe that I’ve made the best decisions I could with the knowledge I had at the time (with the exception of my teen and young adult years). But, if I’d had much of the knowledge, back then, that I do now, I would’ve made different decisions.

I’ve designed a life that has brought me to a place where I’m happy, healthy, and have a sense of purpose. Fitness, meditation, and predominantly home cooked meals keep me active, grounded, and nourished. Time with good friends and family brings lots of love, connection, and belonging. Dance, hiking, traveling, and continual learning foster fresh energy and vibrance.

I write to discover or share insights, add nuance to my awareness, solidify knowledge, and capture moments of clarity or transcendence. My hope is that sharing my successes, struggles, and realizations can pave the way for others to reach their goals, adopt healthier habits, and live more authentically. Ultimately, I hope my content helps others to make changes earlier, transition more smoothly, and avoid some of the setbacks I’ve faced along the way.

Rhea and I love to spend time outside walking, jogging, and hiking
Rhea and I love to spend time outside walking, jogging, and hiking

My Path Isn’t, Couldn’t Be, and Shouldn’t Be Your Path

We are all unique!

As a community college instructor, I learned to focus on students’ development of their abilities to learn and apply information rather than memorization of specific content. My goal is to give them knowledge and tools that can be used to learn and grow at their own pace, and in the directions of their choosing.

This site, and my books, are predicated on the idea that the readers, my audience, are the experts in what they need, what would make them happier, healthier, and allow them to thrive.

I’m not here to tell anyone how they should live their lives, or what path they should be on. I don’t insist that one form of exercise, one diet, or one way to relax is the right, only, or the best way.

Many roads lead to wellness and personal growth. Which path one chooses is dependent on their personality, past experiences, and idiosyncrasies.

Knowledge is Power

Although people are distinct, we’re able make better decisions when we are aware of the plethora of healthy living options, have access to evidence-based information about specific practices, and can use others’ thoughts, stories, and ideas as a springboard for our own.

In 2002 (ish), I completed a life coaching certification. I was drawn to the field because it applied many of the values that guided the creation of lessons for my courses. Coaches don’t choose their clients’ goals, they simply help people develop the skills and tools needed to bring about desired outcomes.

What a wonderful concept, to (without judgement or a sense of superiority) want the best for others. To support someone, as they strive to reach their potential, become more authentically who they are in the moment, and lay the foundation to become their best possible future self.

On this site, and in my writing, more generally, I focus on dimensions of wellness where small, targeted changes can potentially have a huge impact.

These areas include:

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Self-Care
  • Fitness
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Personal development
  • Relationships

I Love Using Quizzes and Assessments for Introspection

I find taking quizzes, assessments, etc. by myself, with romantic partners, family members, or friends, to be both fun and useful (whether or not they hold up to rigorous scientific standards).

They are thought-provoking, conversation sparking, and also give us the language and labels we need to convey our personality traits, communication styles, and strengths.

Our results also give us tools for collaboration, deeper insights and understanding, and can fuel compassion.

Asking someone what Harry Potter House they belong to has become a common icebreaker. When people share a house, they feel an immediate sense of belonging and connection. I’m a combination of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor.

Did I mention they are FUN!

I’m sharing the results of my two favorite assessments. They’re my favorites because, of the gazillion quizzes I’ve taken, the feedback they provided resonated the most, felt accurate. Hopefully they’ll shed some light on who I am and how I interact with the world…

Being outside, spending time in nature keeps me grounded in who I am and what I value
Spending time in nature keeps me grounded in who I am and what I value


I’m an AMFP!

The Myers Briggs Personality Inventory (MBTI), is based on Jungian typology. If you’re familiar with these personality types, my letters should look (mostly) familiar.

A – Ambivert

Myers Briggs doesn’t actually use the letter “A”. They assess whether you’re predominantly focused on your inner, or the social world. Introvert (I) and Extrovert (E), but I’m 90% sure I’m actually an Ambivert (A).

Among other things, ambiverts:

  • derive energy from socializing and alone time
  • are socially adept, comfortable in most social settings
  • befriend, connect with, and relate to both Introverts and Extroverts
  • enjoy talking and listening
  • are empathetic
  • process both internally and externally, depending on the context
  • can social butterflies or homebody
N – Intuitive

The MBTI tries to distinguish between those who prefer to think about, and work with data and facts, from those who prefer using theoretical models and interpreting information. Those with these proclivities lean toward either Sensing (S) or i(N)tuition. It’s a continuum not an “either or” or “this versus that”.

Intuitive people, like myself:

  • Draw connections
  • Read between the lines
  • Explore the possibilities
  • Imagine
  • Focus on the future
  • Innovate
  • Listen to instinct and intuition
  • Begin with the big picture
  • Love theories and abstract ideas
  • Convey thoughts through analogies, metaphors, and stories
  • Are creative
  • May finish your sentences for you
  • Can be very indirect
F – Feeling

The MBTI looks at whether you tend to make decisions based on Feeling (F) or Thinking (T)

Those who determine a course based on feeling:

  • Choose with their heart
  • Are passionate
  • Prefer cooperation to competition
  • Focus on meaning over function
  • Care about context
  • May sacrifice objective truth for harmony and to retain emotional connections
  • Are guided by values, value driven
P – Perceiving

The MBTI differentiates those who generally Perceive (P) from those who Judge (J).


  • Explore many, most, if not all of the available options
  • Are flexible in planning and plan implementation
  • Excel at paving the way, venturing into uncharted territory, are pathfinders
  • Are curious and inquisitive
  • Look at things from different angles, vantage points, perspectives
  • Are not time-oriented (are wearing that watch more for the step counter and sleep data)

I believe the ANFP traits reflect who I am fairly accurately, and sum up key aspects of my personality quite nicely!

Learning About My Strengths

In one of my previous positions, I was given the CliftonStrengths Talent Assessment, to build more awareness of my aptitude and potential. Who I am, who we are, in part, results from what we are naturally good at, and how we develop along our paths.

My top six strengths are:

  1. Ideation
  2. Achiever
  3. Input
  4. Strategic
  5. Learner
  6. Activator
I'm located where I can visit loved ones, and beautiful places, regularly
I’m located where I can visit loved ones, and beautiful places, regularly
  • I’m Creative
  • Excel at drawing connections, connecting the dots
  • Love to puzzle, tinker with possibilities
  • Energized by new projects, or new visions of current projects
  • I’m driven and determined
  • Intrinsically motivated
  • Seek growth, challenge
  • Enjoy the process of making progress
  • I’m curious and inquisitive
  • Seek knowledge, wisdom
  • Absorb and retain information like a sponge
  • Enjoy teaching, mentoring, coaching
  • I notice patterns
  • Enjoy identifying and avoiding potential obstacles
  • Always determine multiple possible paths forward
  • Assess, predict, act, react, repeat
  • I love acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • Strive to be proficient, competent
  • Engage in metacognition (thinking about thinking)
  • Use my newfound knowledge as a catalyst for change
  • I’m the first one to ask, “How soon can we start?”
  • Once I decide, I feel compelled to act
  • Don’t see thinking and acting as opposite, opposed, or separate
  • Contagious energy, passion, and excitement

So, That’s Me, Who are You?

I hope that sharing my intention, values, and assessment results has shed a little light on who I am, why I’m writing, and how my site might help you reach your potential.

To that end, I’d love to know more about who you are, and the ways you’re attempting to better yourself, the habits you’re working to create or eliminate, and the skills you’re working to develop.

Please, reach out to introduce yourself!