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Front cover Gabby Makes a Friend
Gabby Makes a Friend

Gabby Makes a Friend

Gabby is an energetic and curious Golden Retriever; Katie is a clever and inspiring caterpillar. They love to play, read, and rest together.

Follow along as they meet, and become the best of friends. 

Mimi's Imagination coming to shelves near you soon.
Mimi’s Imagination

Mimi’s Imagination

Mimi is a young girl with a vivid imagination. Her parents support her, encouraging her creativity, as she daydreams her many “adventures”.

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Book a Reading

Writing for children is rewarding, in itself. But nothing is better than reading my stories to children, seeing their reactions, and answering their questions. I love how engaged kids are when I’m reading to them. They immerse themselves in the experience, “live” the tales they’re being told. Children’s insights, and attention to detail, never cease to amaze me. They draw connections, have realizations, and make suggestions that illustrate just how observant, and creative, they are.

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