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Front cover Gabby Makes a Friend
Gabby Makes a Friend

Gabby Makes a Friend

Gabby is an spunky puppy, who likes to find things. One day, while she’s out exploring, Gabby sees something move. The “smallish something” is Katie, a clever caterpillar.

Your kids will share in the delight as Gabby and Katie meet and become “the best of friends”.

Gabby reminds us that true friends will accept you for who you are, and also who you’re becoming, by accepting Katie as she goes from being a caterpillar to a butterfly.

This charming story is one that your kids will cherish and ask to read again and again.

Meet Sadie, a determine young girl, out to save sea turtles
Meet Sadie, a determine young girl, out to save sea turtles

Sadie’s Sea Turtle

Sadie is a young girl who fell in love with the sea, after her parents took her there (she was three). Over time, her fondness encourages Sadie to learn about the many amazing animals living in the water, and in the sand. Above all the others, sea turtles hold a big spot in Sadie’s heart. When she discovers plastic pollution posed a threat to them, she takes action, picking up litter all over town.

Sadie’s personal passion turns into a community project for her class. Eventually, the cause energizes the entire town. Pleased and amazed with what she accomplished, Sadie’s teacher, Miss May, plans an unforgettable surprise.

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Book a Reading

Writing for children is rewarding, in itself. But nothing is better than reading my stories to children, seeing their reactions, and answering their questions. I love how engaged kids are when I’m reading to them. They immerse themselves in the experience, “live” the tales they’re being told. Children’s insights, and attention to detail, never cease to amaze me. They draw connections, have realizations, and make suggestions that illustrate just how observant, and creative, they are.

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